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Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Holder

GNP 32 Carpet Cleaner

Effective on carpet and upholstery thanks to the "extraction washing" system. Idea for all domestic general cleaning duties around the home and valeting the car.


GNP 32 Carpet Cleaner


Motor W: 1200 (max 1400)
Column compression: 1650 mm.H2O
Suction air: 61.1 ltr/s
Tank capacity: 30 ltr
Weight: 11 Kg


Powerful and silenced motor
Suction system with seperate pump
Detergent delivery with seperate pump (3bar)
Detergent delivery directly from the handle
Specific set of accessories for extraction washing, as well as full outfit for vacuum cleaning
Blower also available

Free Mainland UK delivery - Prices Include VAT

GNP 32 Spare Parts and Accessories

O = Optional equipment, S = Standard equipment

5.211.0002 1.7 mtr hose for extraction wash S
3.753.0005 0.50m extension hose extraction wash S
3.754.0010 D.35 nozzle S
3.754.0007 Liquid suction nozzle (floors & carpets) S
3.754.0008 Small liquid suction nozzle (for clothes) S
3.754.0012 D.37 lance S
3.754.0018 brush for radiators O
3.754.0005 fabric filter S
3.752.0006 paper filter S
5.212.0010 HEPA filter O
5.212.0020 washable filter O
5.212.0006 cartridge filter O
3.752.0032 foam filter S
3.754.0009 D.37 combined brush (floor-carpet) S
3.754.0011 D.37 round brush S
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