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The Lavor Pro SCL Comfort S82 Ride on
Floor Scrubber Drier

Lavor SCL Comfort S82 Ride-on scrubber drier is a compact machine, highly manoeuvrable with a tight turning radius. A cost effective ride-on machine that is simple to use, Battery Powered, cleans & dries in one operation.( 820mm Scrubbing Width / 2 x 406mm Brush Heads ) Brush Pressure 80KG

SCL Comfort S82 Ride On


Power Supply: 24V DC
Scrubbing Width: 820 mm
Squeegee Width: 1110 mm
Constant Brush Pressure: Above 80KG
Performance: 5740 mē/h
Detergent Tank Capacity: 140 ltr
Recovery Tank Capacity: 150 ltr
Traction Control Automatic Drive
Vacuum Motor: 1734mmH20 / 550W
Packaged Weight: 410KG

Batteries and charger included.


More than 80 Kg of constant pressure on the brushes.
Large load tank capacity, resulting in reduced number of stops and maximum use of battery charge for effective operation of the machine.
Compact size.
Stability even when fully loaded, front independent wheeldrive with tight steering radius.
Easy access to electrical components.
Detergent dispenser.
Automatic device that stops brushes and detergent supply when the machine is standing still.
Antifoam device.
Self-levelling brushes.
Automatic device for squee-gee lifting while reversing
High-performance batteries resulting in high-working efficiency.

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