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BEST 28 Cold Water Pressure Washer - Latest Model

Lavor BEST 28 Domestic Cold Water Pressure Washer.
The Lavor Best 28 is a high performance machine producing very high pressure at 160 Bar max from the brass pump head.
This is particularly impressive given the high water flow rate at 510 Ltrs / hr. Usually you either get high pressure or high flow rates but the Lavor Best 28 has the ability to maintain both from a large 2800W superior induction motor.

Complete with built-in detergent tank for direct suction and accessory holder. A hose reel wrap makes for easy storage. Standard accessories include heavy duty brass variable lance with pressure regulation, Turbo Lance for cleaning stone work, HP Gun with quick hose connection & 8m HP Hose with quick connection probe.

BEST 28 pressure washers


Max Pressure: 160 bar, 2300 psi
Max Delivery Rate: 510 ltr/h
ABS Power: 2800 W


Superior induction motor with thermal protection
Three steel pistons, BRASS pump head with built-in by-pass valve
Very low noise
Max water inlet temperature 40 C
Built in detergent tank for direct suction
Heavy duty accessories and on-board storage facility
Hose reel wrap
Level 6/6 Performance

Lavor Pressure Washer Gun Inlet Connection Lavor Pressure Washers - Washing Level Guide CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE


BEST 28 Pressure Washer Accessories Old + 2011 Onwards

O = Optional equipment, S = Standard equipment

NEW 2014 Machines starting to be supplied with push fit nozzles and a lance with a push fit nozzle holder

2011 - 2014 Machines have quick connections between the gun and hose + pressure regulated lance

Pre 2011 machines have a screw connection between the gun and hose + standard hi-low lance

6.001.0087 Gun 2011 Internal QRC + Probe + Adaptor - ( Replaces All Previous Guns ) S £59.40
4.018.0096-2 8m Domestic 1/4 F Plastric HP Hose + Male Probe With O Ring - (Latest) S £51.60
BALAV082214-2 8m 1/4F High Quality Rubber Steel Braided Hose + Male Probe With o Ring (Latest) O £59.99
6.X02.0185 Brass high/low press. adjustable lance - ( New & Old Models ) S £57.60
6.002.0325 Brass Lance With Push Fit Nozzle Holder - ( Standard Lance Soon ) O £59.40
5.012.0357 Push Fit 4 Nozzle Kit ( Standard Item When Lance Changes Implemented ) O £27.60
6.002.0223 D.1,20 Brass Turbo Lance - ( New & Old Models )
S £57.00
CA460089308 8m Domestic 1/4 F HP Hose - PRE 2011 O £48.60
BALAV082214 8m 1/4F High Quality Rubber Steel Braided H.P. Hose - PRE 2012 O £51.33
LAVM14M 15mm bore 1/4" M hose coupling x M22 - PRE 2012 O £10.87
CA200355500 Hobby sand-blasting lance O £58.60
6.010.0036 High pressure foam lance sprayer O £66.60
3.100.0082 Water inlet coupling S £7.80
CA420332010 10 m drain cleaning hose O £79.50
6.002.0203 curved lance 1503 O £50.40
6.003.0049 S'99 lance extension 300mm O £24.00
3.601.0091 Rotary Brush O £34.20
3.601.0033 fixed brush O £25.80
CA521030100 Lavor Domestic Rotary Surface Cleaner 300mm" (more information)
Complete Range Of Detergents & Cleaners (more information)

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