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Lavor iClean 160 Cold Water Domestic Pressure Washer

The Lavor iClean 160 is a Heavy Duty Domestic Pressure Washer, ( Level 6/6 ) of the Lavor product guide.
Suitable for all general domestic cleaning duties. The Lavor iclean 160 pressure washer incorporates a hose reel with a long 8m of HP hose. Fitted with a metal pump, producing 160 Bar (2320 psi) max pressure at 400 L/Hr water flow rate and powered by an induction motor ( not brush motor ). Supplied with two lances including a Turbo Lance & Variable Spray Jet Lance and a fixed wash brush. The trigger gun has a quick release connection to the inlet, making hose connection / disconnection easy for storage.
Excellent performance at a good price.


Lavor iClean 160 Pressure Washer


Max Pressure: 160 bar, 2320 psi
Max Delivery Rate: 400 ltr/h
ABS Power: 2300 W


Low maintenance motor with thermal protection
Three pistons, metal pump head with built-in by-pass valve
Superior Induction Motor
Max water inlet temperature 40° C
Detergent Tanks
Hose reel with long 8m HP hose

Lavor iClean 160 Data Sheet.

 Lavor  iClean 160 Pressure Washer CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

What’s in the box?

High Pressure Gun With Quick Inlet Hose Fitting
High Pressure Hose 8m
Variable Spray Angle Lance
Turbo Lance ( Cleaning patio's, stone, paths etc )
Fixed Brush
Water inlet connector

Prices Include VAT & UK Mainland Delivery


Lavor iClean 160 Pressure Washer Accessories

O = Optional equipment, S = Standard equipment

quick connections

6.001.0083 Gun 2011 Internal QRC + Probe - 1/4M S £43.80
4.018.0102 8m HP Hose For Reel + Crimped QRC Probe S £50.40
BALAV082214 8m 1/4F High Quality Rubber Steel Braided H.P. Hose
( You may require item 5.009.0751 if your original hose probe wasn't detachable )
O £55.00
5.009.0751 Probe - To connect hoses to New Lavor Type Gun ( As Above ) O £16.20
CA200355500 Hobby sand-blasting lance O £58.60
6.002.0327 D.1,10 Turbo Lance S £35.00
6.002.0191C D.1,00 Adjustable High/ Low Spray Lance S £39.00
6.010.0036 High pressure foam lance sprayer O £66.60
LAVM14M 15mm bore 1/4" M hose coupling x M22 O £10.87
3.100.0082 Water inlet coupling S £7.80
CA420332010 10 m drain cleaning hose O £79.50
6.002.0203 curved lance 1503 O £50.40
6.003.0049 S'99 lance extension 300mm O £24.00
3.601.0091 Rotary Brush O £34.20
3.601.0033 fixed brush S £25.80
CA521030100 Lavor Domestic Rotary Surface Cleaner 300mm" (more information)
Complete Range Of Detergents & Cleaners (more information)

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