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Lavor Superwash 160 Cold Water Pressure Washer

The Lavor Superwash 160 sold by Lidl.


Eagle 28 pressure washers

We are advertising the Lavor Superwash 160 to enable Lidl customers to purchase replacement parts.

The standard replacement hose is supplied in a hose reel assembly for easy connection.
Some customers prefer to by-pass the hose reel and fit a better quality hose directly onto the pump outlet.

There are two hose lengths available, 8m or 10m
The rubber hose has a steel wire reinforcement underneath the rubber cover, making this hose unlikely to kink if handled correctly.
Both hoses have a 1/4F screw fitting and will be supplied with a quick release probe end to fit the original gun.

The Original Superwash 160 gun incorporated a small pressure gauge. This gun with gauge is now unavailable but a compatible 2011 HP Gun without gauge will fit and is supplied with inlet probe adaptors. See accessory list below..


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Free Mainland UK delivery - Prices Include VAT

Irish Republic Add 20.00 Shipping on checkout


Superwash Accessories

O = Optional equipment, S = Standard equipment

quick connections

6.001.0087 Heavy Duty 2011 Gun With Internal QRC + Probe + Adaptor S £52.11
6.005.0312 Replacement Plastic Hose + Reel Assembly O £67.92
BALAV082214P 8m High Quality Rubber Steel Braided HP Hose + Probe ( Bypass Hose Reel Option ) O £56.33
BALAV102214P 10m High Quality Rubber Steel Braided HP Hose + Probe ( Bypass Hose Reel Option ) O £64.99
CA200355500 Hobby sand-blasting lance O £58.60
6.002.0223 D.1,10 Brass turbo lance O £57.00
6.002.0184 Brass high/low press. adjustable lance O £54.60
6.010.0036 High pressure foam lance sprayer O £66.60
LAVM14M 15mm bore 1/4" M hose coupling x M22 O £10.87
3.100.0082 Water inlet coupling S £7.80
CA420332010 10 m drain cleaning hose O £79.50
6.002.0203 curved lance 1503 O £50.40
6.003.0049 S'99 lance extension 300mm O £24.00
3.601.0091 Rotary Brush O £34.20
3.601.0033 fixed brush O £25.80
CA521030100 Lavor Domestic Rotary Surface Cleaner 300mm" (more information)
Complete Range Of Detergents & Cleaners (more information)

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