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Lavorpro Thermic 17 Diesel Hot Water
Pressure Washer

LavorPro Thermic 17 Diesel Pressure Washer is powered by a 17HP Lombardini electric start engine.
This superb hot water, heavy duty high-pressure cleaner is ideal for use on site where no suitable electricity supply is available.
A self contained unit with shared diesel tank for the burner & engine making this machine compact and well designed.
Producing 200 bar (2900 psi) operating pressure and delivering a large water flow of 22 litres per minute, achieved from the twin cylinder water cooled Lombardini diesel engine with belt driven pump.
To complement the machine a 1.5KW generator has also been incorporated into the unit to power external equipment.
Ideal for mobile usage such as cleaning large paving area's, gum removal, degreasing plant equipment and also suitable to be used with our range of Mosmatic Rotary cleaners.more information   

Lavorpro Thermic 17 Diesel pressure washers



Operating Pressure: 30-200 bar, 435-2900 psi
Max Delivery Rate: 1320 ltr/h
Max Temp: 30-140C
Motor Power: Lombardini 17
Weight: 230 Kg, 506.61 lbs



  • 17.7 HP Lombardini water cooled engine with electric start, complete motor lamps with automatic power cut-off
  • Three cermaic pistons, brass pump head with seperated by-pass valve
  • Suction and delivery S/S valves
  • Max water inlet temperature 40C
  • Belt driven pump (1450 RPM)
  • Automatic motor RPM regulator
  • Manual power control
  • Loose by-pass outlet
  • Pressure regulator
  • Glicerine pressure gauge
  • Hot water self-contained unit with integrated electric generator and max 1,5 kW fixed socket
  • Flow regulator
  • Same diesel tank for motor and burner
  • Tough steel main frame

Optional Features

  • 6.608.0014 Steel soundproofing cover set

    UK Mainland Delivery Included  

    Email: JetWashDirect
    Tel: 01484 306 693



    Lease purchase available - Email

    Thermic 17 Diesel Pressure Washer Accessories

    O = Optional accessory, S = Standard accessory

    * = to be used with codes 3.501.0030, 3.501.0031, 3.501.0032

    threaded connections

    3.700.0022 Lavor 3/8" 1/4"F RL 55 gun*
    CA355154310 10m 3/8" X 3/8" 400bar hose
    355154320 20m 3/8" X 3/8" 400bar hose
    3.100.0043 3/8"M Pump Outlet Rotating Coupling
    CA57078 3/8"- 3/8" hose coupling
    CA653870012 Turbo Lance 400 Bar 100cm x 1/4 inlet
    CA5208250 Sand-Blasting Lance 1/4 050 600mm
    3.701.0020 1050mm s/s lance with 1/4" connection
    3.103.0056 1575 h.p. nozzle
    3.749.0299 F5 G1/2 F/F water inlet filter
    3.749.0191 Y G3/4 F/F suction filter
    CATEM01 hoses / guns coupling set
    99221555 Telescoping lance belt kit........more information
    99022812 Telescoping Lance - Reach up to 7.3m ........more information
    99000686 Rotary Surface Cleaner - Various sizes up to 30". ...
    Stainless Steel or Durible Plastic Versions (more information)
    Complete Range Of Detergents & Cleaners (more information)

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