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Yukon Hot Water Pressure Washer

Reliable and efficient semi professional hot water high-pressure washer. Ideal for light duties


Yukon pressure washers


Max Pressure: 160 bar, 2320 psi
Working Pressure 130 bar, 1800 psi
Max Delivery Rate: 600 ltr/h, 2.6 GMP
Max Temp: 90C
ABS Power: 3000 W
Weight: 68 Kg, 149.78 lbs


Double motor (pump and burner)
Three high durability steel pistons, brass pump head with built-in external (seat interchangeable ) by-pass valve
Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil
Temperature regulation gauge
Detergent built-in tank for direct suction
Hose reel

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Yukon Pressure Washer Accessories

O = Optional accessory, S = Standard accessory

* = to be used with codes 3.501.0030, 3.501.0031 and 3.501.0032

threaded connections

3.700.0036 HP Gun M22 x 3/8M S £50.40
4.018.0056 Lavor 8m 1/4" 3/8"x 3/8" Hose For Hose Reel ( Standard Hose ) S £82.80
CA330154310 10m single wire 3/8F x 3/8F HP Hose for hose reel ( Replacement Standard Hose ) O £70.00
3.100.0023 3/8"- 3/8" hose coupling O 13.80
CA420312010 10 m drain cleaning hose O £87.00
CA522504 M22 professional rotary brush O £58.50
6.602.0003 Foam Injection Lance M22M - Use with High Foam more information O £57.00
3.701.0015 700mm lance with 1/8" press. regulator ring S £42.00
CA6530403 Turbo Lance 040 M22 200 Bar Max O £63.00
CA5208040 M22M Sand-Blasting Lance 040 415mm O £151.65
5.009.0340 D.17 brass water inlet connector S £24.00
3.103.0050 15045 h.p. nozzle S £24.00
99000686 Rotary Surface Cleaner - Various sizes up to 30". .......
Stainless Steel or Durible Plastic Versions (more information)
Complete Range Of Detergents & Cleaners (more information)

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