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Zeta 19HP Diesel Pressure Washer - 30 Lpm / 200 Bar

Designed for professional users - The Zeta 19HP Diesel offers outstanding cleaning performance with its massive 200 bar at 30 litres. The Zetas amazing cleaning power is achieved by combining a world leading Interpump 66 Series with a rugged 19 HP Lombardini twin cylinder air-cooled diesel engine. Driven via a 2:1 ratio gearbox, the pump is fitted as standard with an automatic speed controller, allowing the engine to run at idle speed when trigger gun is released, reducing noise & fuel consumption. ( manual override fitted )
The standard machine is supplied with a 10m hose and an OPTIONAL Hose Reel is available with a 40m hose capacity.

The Lombardini engine features an electric start, with a 12-volt maintenance free battery. Remote oil drainpipe, canister type oil filter, oil bath air filter, fuel lift pump, replaceable fuel filter & integrated oil cooler. An easily accessible panel is fitted with twin high pressure outlets, allowing for multiple operator usage, to simultaneously harness the Zetas amazing cleaning power. With its incredible power & exclusive features the Zeta is invaluable for all cleaning applications where you need a powerful, compact & portable cleaning source. Ideal for using large surface cleaners, roof cleaner or grafitti removal.


Zeta 19HP Diesel Pressure Washer with reduction gearbox and very high performance


Max Working Pressure: 200 bar, 2175 psi
Max Delivery Rate: 1800 Ltr/h
Motor Power: Lombardini 19HP
Weight: 170Kgs


Lombardini air-cooled 19HP twin cylinder diesel / electric start
Selectable throttle mode: manual or automatic
Triplex Interpump 66 Series
Gearbox driven at 1450 RPM
Independent return to tank by-pass recirculation
Wheel brake with spring loaded lock
OPTIONAL hose reel 40m capacity
Low-pressure chemical induction
Twin high-pressure outlet ports ( Twin Operators )
Lance, Gun, 10m Hose, Nozzle, 4m suction hose and filter

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