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Blue Steam GV 3,3 Steam Generator Vac

The GV 3.3 high performance 3.3 KW, single phase, industrial steam generator incorporating a powerful 1100-watt vacuum for removing disolved debris after degreasing, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising all types of hard surfaces. Ideal for cleaning commercial kitchens, food factories, pharmaceutical and mechanical industries and also for chewing gum removal from public areas. Produces high pressure saturated steam at 6 bar (87 psi) and 160 degrees centigrade. Produces 4.62 kg of steam per hour. Water tank capacity 5 litres, detergent tank capacity 5 litres. Initial heating time 7 minutes. Can be refilled anytime to give uninterrupted use. Power consumption 3300 watts. Weight 43 kg. Complete with full accessories.

Blue Steam GV 3,3 Steam Generator Vac


Power: 3.3 Kw
Operating pressure: 6 bar, 87 psi
Steam production: 4.62 Kg/h
Max temp: 160C
Tank capacity: 5 ltr
Detergent tank: 5 ltr
Suction air: 220m3/h


Saturated Dry steam at 6 bar at a temperature of 160C
Powerful suction motor and easily reachable recovery tank sited inside the machine
Built in AISI 304 stainless steel
Electronic functions and controls
Pivoting wheels with brakes, suitable for use in food processing area
ON-OFF main switch; ON indicator lamp; thermo-regulator; water level indicator; high pressure gun activating key
The boiler con be refilled from the tank provided (continuous duty)
Heating and activation time required: 7 mins
Device for using chemicals and detergent mixed with steam

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Blue Steam GV 3,3 Steam Generator Vac Accessories

O = Optional equipment, S = Standard equipment

quick connections

0.914.0095 220cm flexible hose with low tension grip S
0.914.0096 500cm flexible hose with low tension grip O
0.914.0097 30cm wet & dry carpet brush set O
0.914.0098 30cm holder for accessories S
  0.914.0099 30cm brush for liquids S
  0.914.0100 30cm bristle brush S
  0.914.0101 30cm carpet brush S
  0.914.0102 40cm wet & dry carpet brush set O
  0.914.0103 40cm holder for floor accessories S
  0.914.0104 40cm brush for liquids S
  0.914.0105 40cm carpet brush S
  0.914.0106 40cm bristle brush S
  0.914.0107 nozzle and brush holder S
  0.914.0108 D.28mm nylon round brush S
  0.914.0109 rectangular suction brush S
  0.914.0110 small brush set with window wiper O
  0.914.0111 small window wiper / brush S
  0.914.0112 squee-gee holder S
  0.914.0113 brush holder S
  0.914.0114 rigid extension (2pcs. 50cm each) S
  0.914.0115 D.35 armchair nozzle O

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